shadow and mirror (mollya) wrote,
shadow and mirror

A lot of the conflict with B comes at the dinner table because that's the only place where all four of us are present. I don't want to give up on family dinner, even if he makes it miserable, because family dinner has always been the basic touchstone of our family.

B is aggressive about every part of it, including when we start to eat. We used to serve ourselves all of the dishes, then someone would say a blessing, then we all would eat. Now, as soon as everyone has some tiny bit of food on their plate, B spits out the blessing and dives in, even if nobody else is ready to eat.

But ... he says the blessing. He could just start eating, but he doesn't. The blessing is still there, hurried and aggressive, but it does not occur to him to leave it out.

I am going to claim this as a small success of parenting, no matter how small.
Tags: b, judaism, parenting
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