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mollya's Journal

shadow and mirror
4 December 1969
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Mollya is the name of someone on the periphery. She is a minor character a minor novel by a great novelist. In the novel, Mollya is not an important actor in the plot. The plot of the novel is crucial to Mollya, though. She would not be alive, in love, on an adventure if she were not brought into the orbit of the major characters in the novel.

I feel like that Mollya in the novel. I am a person on the periphery - on the periphery of my family, my city, my congregation, my colleagues at work. I am a lurker - on the internet and in life - and I am always trying to find a way to see much more, and then contribute a little.

The family:
Me, the biological mother ...
E, the stay-at-home mother ...
B, our 11 year old son, and ...
R, his 6 year old sister.